Vega One
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Vega One

This was the first coat available for sale from the Vega line launched in March 2011.


The Vega One is the perfect spring coat, with lights.

The coat is lined, has two pockets, a tie belt to cinch at the waist, and closes in the front with six metallic snaps. The coat hem is about 3” (8 cm) above the knee of a woman of average height.

The Vega One is medium to lightweight, making it great for fall and spring weather or a cool summer breeze. The classic style of the coat should last many seasons.

The outer fabric has a satin finish, which gives the Vega (one) a slight sheen. The fabric’s 60% cotton and 40% polyester makeup keeps the coat breathable and durable while helping with wrinkle and stain resistance.


The Vega One has two superbright white LED lights in the front, and two superbright red lights in the back. These lights can be for fun, fashion or increased visibilty at night; they can be for commuting by foot or riding on a bicycle in the city. The lights have a solid or flashing mode, and are easily accessible through a switch hidden on the front of the coat. When turned off the lights are invisible and the coat appears and acts as any coat.

The electronics are powered by two small button cell batteries and are built into the Light Strip, a soft unit that can be removed when the coat is cleaned.

To see a video of the lights flashing visit Lights

To determine your size, please see the sizing chart

Made in Sweden.

Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery.

We accept payment through PayPal or Visa.