Vega Edge - True
Vega Edge - True Vega Edge - True Vega Edge - True Vega Edge - True

Vega Edge - True

This wearable light easily attaches to the edge of any garment. Made with black or brown leather, it's designed to blend seamlessly with your other clothes so that it's barely noticeable until the lights are turned ON.

HOW IT WORKS The leather has been laser-cut, and it snaps securely to your clothes using four strong magnets. It has a thin strip of retro-reflective fabric integrated into the design for added visibility. You can wear it discreetly by day or brightly at night on your coat, cardigan, hood, scarf, handbag, collar, pocket, belt, or wherever you’d like a touch of light.

WHY WEAR ONE? Wear the Edge for added visibility at night while cycling, jogging or walking. Wear it because it’s fun and unique. Traditional bike lights often get forgotten on the bike frame, leaving them vulnerable to theft. The Edge will stay with you, so you’re always prepared and visible.

Available in BLACK or BROWN leather.

Choose from white, red, green or blue lights.