Simple. Elegant. Wearable Light.

Vega Wearable Light is a line of coats, jackets and accessories founded in 2009. The brand aims to create wearable light for safety (while cycling, running, or walking) while still looking stylish.

We keep our designs and technology as simple as possible so that wearing light is easy and no different from current everyday fashion.


Vega founded by Angella Mackey and Ian McCallum in 2011 with the launch of the Vega One illuminated coat. The product offering then expanded to include a range of outerwear pieces for the busy city lifestyle, examples here. Each year the electronics and clothing designs improve and adapt to the new and growing market for wearable electronics.

About the Designer

Angella Mackey is the lead designer at Vega Wearable Light. To learn more about her work with wearable technologies and smart garments visit

In 2013 Vega collaborated with the Social Body Lab at OCAD University to create the Vega Edge – a wearable light accessory. This item embodied the concept of Vega Wearable Light without an entire garment with integrated lights. This made Vega more accessible – providing customers a more affordable option with more versatility in their wardrobe.

With the success of the Vega Edge Kickstarter campaign in March 2014 the brand’s focus shifted to wearable light accessories, though garments and coats with integrated lights continue to be developed as part of design research for the future of illuminated and smart clothes.


All Vega pieces retain the integrity of a concept we call off-value. Does the piece work as a garment even when the electronics are turned off? Does it have any value to you as a wearer? The added electronic functionality comes after the garment’s value as a garment. All of the Vega jackets and coats are at their most basic, stylish, well-crafted jackets, not advertisements for light. It’s usually a surprise for others to discover they can also light up.